The following is just a sample of the feedback that Mary’s been getting from the multiple workshops that she has been working with around the country. If you’d like to learn about Mary’s upcoming workshops, please click here.


Alameda Workshop

The need for all serious citizens to take this seminar is urgent and most necessary. Thank you for this day.

All concerned should take this class.

Excellent job—I learned so much. I loved all the examples. Gives me confidence to get involved! And Speak!

I really enjoyed attending this workshop at the Museum. Great subjects, speaker and very well prepared.

Would like to see Citizen Ninja II.

Wasn’t sure what to expect. The workshop greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Great presentation. You had a lot of great ideas, especially the section about ways to make a statement, the information about ways to use technology were helpful too—Google Alerts, Infographics, and Evernote.

Wonderful workshop. Everything met my expectations and I’m glad I attended. Excellent materials.

Yucca Valley Workshop

Thank you for the time. Loved your class.

Wish it was longer. There was a lot of depth and breadth. There was definitely enough material for a full day or even follow up small group setting to break down to the sub-components.

Enjoyed this very much. Very informative.

Excellent even for the great grand masses. Thank you and God bless your work.

Like the simple terms, and simple language. Real good feeling.

An eye opener for me! I feel I can have a voice. I feel I will be protected by knowing the Delphi technique used against concerned citizens.

Thank you for obeying the call of our Lord to (engage) and become so knowledgeable in these truths and values. I feel blessed to have learned how to be a ninja warrior by your side.

It was a very good and helpful workshop.

Very inspiring. Thank you so much.

Seattle Workshop

I learned a great deal from this workshop. Thought it was very well prepared and loved the explanations of group dynamics and how to deal with them.

Dovetailed very well with my previous education efforts.

Fabulous! Wish we had more time!

Excellent! Even though I’ve been practicing most of the Citizen Ninja principles I still learned new things, new ideas, new techniques, etc. AND I know I am not alone in the light!

I really enjoyed the class. Your experiences help a great deal to support the lessons. Emotion is my largest problem and you both gave me pause to rethink some of my methods. Thank you very much.

Lomas Santa Fe Workshop

Addressing the whole spectrum of ideas is overwhelming but I can begin in my ‘corner of the world.’ This information is empowering.

Thank you for your service.

I really did learn a lot and thought it was very helpful.

Excellent info and the examples helped understand how to use the info.

Wow! Great info. A bit daunting when you think of all that is going down.

What a wonderful idea to have this workshop. Thank you for the research and the wonderful booklet. Amazing. I was part of Professional Seminars Association and I can say with professional acumen…this was an excellent seminar.

I think the Citizen Ninja handbook with be most valuable.

Great presentation and extremely informative.

Excellent presentation.

Franchise this across the country!

After she went to the fall Citizen Ninja training, one of our Action Group leaders spoke to our group, and blew us away—she was transformed! Previously, she would give a general report; now she gave a compelling case for specific action, and how to follow up.  When I heard her, I signed up at the first opportunity for the next training.

Very much of an eye opener. Good awareness class.

This was a very motivating workshop. Thank you.

Very impressive in every arena! God Bless America. Let’s get to work.

Palm Springs Workshop

Excellent job. Thank you. Need to get this out.

Great workshop. Let’s clone it!

I enjoyed the information especially the personal stories of real events.

Great workshop! Glad I came!

I am still on a high from our Citizen Ninja training class.  Boy, just wait until I put (some of) it in practice!

San Diego Workshop

This is sorely needed! So many Americans have no idea of how we are being manipulated and used.

I’m very encouraged to be more active in my community. Thank you!!!

Am so glad for the ‘action oriented’ attitude of the class.