Yesterday I posted an article by Mimi Steele, President of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, SF Bay Chapter, that describes the disastrous consequences to the future economy and quality of life in the San Francisco Bay area after a vote by ABAG and MTC to approve the One Bay Area Plan despite the opposition of hundreds of local residents who would be impacted by the plan.

To read article click here: San Francisco Regional Politburo “Votes” To Become Detroit.

In August of last year, Greg Decker and I co-authored Soft Despotism, Regionalism and the Future of the Suburbs. In this article we describe what regionalism is and expose why regional governance will strip away local control and therefore the citizen’s power of elected representation.

Florida SEVEN50 is another plan devised by a large metropolitan planning organization in South Florida. Watch the video below to witness a meeting where Andre’ Duaney, the architect of SEVEN50, sets the stage for how this plan should roll out. Props to American Coalition 4 Property Rights for pulling these segments together.

Watchdog Wire has an excellent overview of Florida SEVEN50. Click here.