The philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next. ~Abraham Lincoln

Progressive social engineers in America and abroad have stated that one of the obstacles to achieving a sustainable 21st century utopia is education. A common outcome-based education standard like Common Core changes that.

In free nation-states like the US, the child is still considered a member of a family under the tutelage and authority of his parent(s).  The values and attitudes that parents teach their children at an early age form the foundation of their beliefs and opinions and the role they play as future citizens. National patriotism, individualism, self-reliance, religious values, strong morals and ethics are all values and attitudes that most parents teach their children; and they have an expectation that schools will reinforce this.

What parents do not realize is that for the last 20+ years, the values and attitudes that made America exceptional are not being promoted in schools today. Sustainable development is the new vision for the world and in order for our children to be prepared for the 21st century, they are being taught that they have to adopt and embrace new values and attitudes. For example, “A steady recognition and pursuit of the public good at the expense of all purely individual and private ends” supports more the communitarian idea that an individual should subordinate his rights and needs to that of the community; both locally and globally.

With outcome-based education and Common Core, we now see that it is a priority to lead all children away from the teaching they receive in the home toward a common set of state determined values and attitudes. A national education standard that parallels a global common standard would ensure that these future change agents, our children, will be the ones who will secure the administrative state and the global managed economy that progressives seek.

The destruction of a child’s love of country and patriotism is the first step in educating that child for world citizenship. ~Julian Huxley of UNESCO

National education standards bring us closer to global education. Eighty-five percent of the Common Core Standards are copyrighted and cannot be amended at a local or state level. The state adopted SBAC and PARCC state assessments, the state adopted English Language Arts and Math textbooks and materials, new teacher credentialing by CTC, the GED and the SAT/ACT /AP are ALL being aligned to the Common Core Standards. By removing local control of our children’s education we lose all systems of appeal and choice.

The inevitable consequence of not challenging the adoption of Common Core State Standards will be a fundamentally transformed America. Expect data tracking to point students to career clusters at an early age. Expect these adaptive computerized assessments to remediate children to answer the ‘correct’ way; to answer with the right global values and attitudes.

Our government wants global citizens who will become the 21st century worker that will support the goals of sustainable development (social, economic, and environmental justice). An administrative state that can identify and manage ‘human capital’ will support a managed global economy. Big industries like Microsoft, GE, Exxon Mobile, and Pearson Publishing are driving the change in ‘human capital’ so that they can better compete in the global market.

Submitting to national education standards will result in the full and complete indoctrination of America’s future generations. A common outlook does not provide for sovereignty and “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them”.