The following story is another good example of what I wrote about in The Green Agenda: Do the ends justify the means?

[Please see below for an update on the fate of the Drake’s Bay Oyster Company]

What is the priority agenda behind the green movement? Is sustainable development really about balancing environmental protection with economic development? Has the environmentalist movement been hijacked by wilderness junkies?

The Framing of an Oyster Farm – Drake’s Bay Oyster Company

In a campaign to drive a small family oyster farm out of business, the National Park Service and environmental groups have leveled many charges of serious environmental harm against the Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Marin County. A video produced by an independent production crew sheds light on the bogus data a nationally-known scientist discovered upon investigation and the effect this campaign has had on this family farm.

The federal government has spent millions on the effort to oust the oyster farm from the spot on Drakes Estero it has occupied for decades. The Secretary of the Interior is scheduled to decide the oyster farm’s fate in the next few weeks. The video shows incredible evidence of a smear campaign, a small business in peril and a family reeling from accusations the National Academy of Sciences concluded have no basis in fact.

From the desk of Kirk MacKenzie of Defend Rural America ~

The Battle To Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm

On November 29, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made the decision to destroy jobs, 40% of California’s oyster production, millions of oysters, a beloved business that has been in operation since 1934, and make working families both jobless and homeless victims of his decisions. The Lunny family and their employees have only 90 days to remove everything, including 8-10 million oysters from the bay, and get out.

It is an outrage.

Like Siskiyou County, it is based on the intentional falsification of science and circumvention of the agency’s own policies, in order to justify Salazar’s pre-determined outcome.

It has become a national story.

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The Battle To Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm – Kevin Lunny speaks out